Aquarius, the Water bearer

Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign. A sign of eccentricity, intellectuality and collective outreaching.

Aquarius symbol

Oh Aquarius, you are the reason and rhyme, the objective pillar of truth in an unreasonable, chaotic world of emotions. At least that's the image you have of yourself. You don't let things bother you - you're high above it all! And you have such great plans for humanity. People have to stop being so selfish and possessive about their own and realize that we're all part of a great brotherhood of men! Well, maybe I'm making something out of you that isn't quite right Aquarius, you think? Since you're always so reasonable and detached in your views. I must admit however that you're an exciting little riddle to be around sometimes. And indeed, you do usually have the good of all in mind, even when you seem callous. Where there is an Aquarius, there is good advice and sometimes surprising honesty, too. If you'd be just a little more intimate and responsive sometimes...but one can't have it all, right?

For Aquarian people, identity is a complex and troublesome concept. On the one hand Aquarians are known as individualists, free-thinkers and original personalities. But their bohemianism and unconventionality (which seldom is very obvious on the surface) contrasts with the desire to contribute to the group, since the latter always require a certain alignment with the will of all. Aquarians are humanitarians, intent on furthering any kind of development that benefits mankind. Nonetheless they are frequently quite detached and cold in personal relationships and in dealing with people. It is the paradox of loving humanity but finding it hard to deal with the emotional and personal issues of the individuals themselves. The ruling planet Uranus brings inventiveness and an inclination towards scientific, progressive and taboo-breaking pursuits.

Archetypes for Aquarius:
The Reformer, the Humanitarian, the Organization worker, the Mad Professor, the Scientist, the Sociopath

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"As above, so below"

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