Cancer, the Crab

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign. A sign of sensitivity, reflection and protectiveness.

Cancer symbol

Oh Cancer, for you every day brings a new emotion that can never be explained. Cancer, I know that you move with the tide, that you have moonlight in your eyes and that romance is eternal in your mind, but how do you feel, really? Why so defensive? The world isn't out to hurt you, not intently at least. And you know, some people really are what they appear to be. Anyway, I'm so glad you've been sent here to the world. Who else would care for us, bring us chicken soup when we're sick and all? You are the first real "feeler" of the zodiac, and you know so well the subtle undercurrents beneath all appearances. Sure it's wise to prepare one's every move like you do Cancer, and reflect over every action and reaction of your fellow men and women. But you do realize that things never turn out the way one want or expect anyway? Always trust your instincts Cancer.

Cancer the crab is ambitious and good at bringing tasks to their conclusion. Though Cancerians often suffer from feelings of inferiority, this in itself acts as a drive towards accomplishment. Thanks to their natural versatility and receptive minds, Cancers can effectively channel the ambition into a variety of venues. What motivates the sign deep down inside is the desire to familiarize everything, to personalize and make experience and phenomena recognizable. Indeed, Cancer is known to really "get close" to its nearest surroundings. Since the Moon rules the sign, Cancerians tend to be moody and easily influenced by milieu, sometimes a bit touchy and introvert. But the Cancer has a great knack for sensing whatever is needed in any circumstance, an intuitive ability for guessing and coping with the needs of people. With the water element comes universality and compassion, and like Pisces and Scorpio, Cancer's receptivity to surrounding energies sometimes border on the psychic.

Archetypes for Cancer:
The Great Mother, the Nurse, the Matriarch/Patriarch, the Sensitive hero, the River of life, the Historian/Archaeologist

The signs of the zodiac

"As above, so below"

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