Capricorn, the Goat

Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign. A sign of effectiveness, strength and inflexibility.

Capricorn symbol

Oh Capricorn, you are a straight arrow indeed. You and I cannot count the times you sat down and wondered why it is that everyone but you are so nonsensical, whimsical and incompetent. Why am I the only one who gets things done around here!? Don't you people understand that there is a job to be done, that we have to fulfil our destiny and fulfil it well? Asks our dear Capricorn. Well Cappy, we just don't care if things are a little messed up from time to time, you see? And anyway, we know that if we place you in front of that warming fire, there is no funnier, more helpful and adorable goat than you in the entire Himalayas. You're stiff but warm, shy but steady as a rock. If you can believe in yourself, I'm sure you'll trust others better too. You mature like a fine wine. I mean - Elvis was a Capricorn, for god's sake!

Capricorns frequently show off a light, wry sense of humour and a rather sunny personality. Yet there is seriousness or a vague sadness about these people, a heavy sense of responsibility close to their heart. Capricorns somehow feel as if they alone have to make sure everything is flowing along flawlessly, and their sense of ambition is usually highly developed. Being the last sign of the earth element, Capricorn's job is to manifest on a higher level the practical vision that was initiated by Taurus and refined by Virgo. In this respect all Capricorns form an ambivalent relationship with reality. Most feel it is their duty to get to know it as much as possible, adjust to it and over time make it converge with their own ultimate ends. Capricorn is skilled at effectivity and at diminishing their own private person to be able to handle things free from subjective emotion. They sublimate their sensitivity, channelling it into action and organization.

Archetypes for Capricorn:
The Statesman, the Businessman, the Elder, the Strategist, the Conservatist, the Judge, the Volunteer

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