Gemini, the Twins

Gemini is the third zodiac sign. A sign of versatility, communication and detachment.

Gemini symbol

Oh Gemini, don't you wish everybody was as lighthearted and clear-sighted as you? Gee. The world would be a much better place. You don't let anything weigh you down, and we won't catch you obsessing over missed opportunities, will we Gemini? Sometimes you're just the smartest little creature in the world, and you see all things from all sides. We love you for your friendly disposition and your ability to talk to anyone about anything. But don't you tire sometimes Gemini, just blowing around like the wind, never settling to anything, never digging any deeper? Well, maybe it's just that all the rest of us are slow and boring. You are the butterfly, the Peter Pan, the well of youth. Who needs authentic and profound emotion anyway? It's ridiculous.

Gemini is in every sense of the word mercurial. They exist to receive impressions, slightly change them, and pass them on. Mentally, Gemini allows nothing to lay around unused - every resource and talent must circulate, just like ideas, people and speech. Air, breezing around, exploring stances and perspectives, freshening up - that's Gemini. The immediate impression of someone of strong Gemini influence is almost always lightness, youth and flexibility. These people more than anyone need a communication outlet of some kind, and if they're not naturally sociable, it's probably the partner or some close friend or relative who gets to be the channel for all their thoughts. Most june-born love the buzzing sense of being surrounded by people - strangers as well as friends. Interaction in any imaginable form is their natural element, and they just aren't made for solitary living.

Archetypes for Gemini:
The Jester, the Storyteller, the Writer, the Player, the Social butterfly, the Jack of all trades, the Interpreter

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"As above, so below"

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