Leo, the Lion

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign. A sign of dignity, creativity and patronization.

Leo symbol

Oh Leo, your world is a noble world. Who could ever imagine there are things like suffering, poverty and dark low corners of the human soul when you enter a room? You are indeed the sun. You make better people out of all of us, and you know it. Alright Leo, I'm prepared to forgive your bombastic pomposity and childlike naivety, but don't you think it's wiser and truer to sometimes step down from your high horses and see your glamorous ideals for what they really are? It would surely be a dull world without your light and warmth though. You're a great inspirer. Finding in people and in the world what we never imagined was there. But I'd hate to see you depressed on the gray street of the everyday. And you can be quite a pain in the arse sometimes, Leo, don't you agree?

Self-image is important to all Leos, and they tend to be vulnerable to criticism and easily hurt in these matters. This is heightened by their personal pathos, which is aimed at sincerity and non-obscurity. The Leo is a very upright, honourable sign - lies and unrighteousness of any kind is perceived by them as a personal insult. When you think about it, it is indeed the ideal of antiquity that is stamped all over the typical Leo. Grand, sweeping gestures of generosity, and a love of what is sound and rational - and virtuous. Many Leos seem to spend their lives trying to collect virtues like others collect stamps. One they often lack, however, is temperance and humility, as well as the analytical-critical faculty of Virgo. It is below Leonian dignity to allow too much room for what is small and particular. They tend to move with dignity and nobility - even a truly bohemian, slacker Leo native radiates an atmosphere of fine birth and pride.

Archetypes for Leo:
The King/Queen, the Actor/Artist, the Aristocrat, the Organizer, the Gambler, The Conqueror

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