Libra, the Scales

Libra is the seventh zodiac sign. A sign of diplomacy, charm and ambivalence

Libra symbol

Oh Libra let's be honest, is there a more wonderful, charming creature walking upon the face of the earth than thou? Nope. At least I'm sure there are people in your proximity who thinks so. 'Cause you can charm and seduce the stone out of a stone, if you allow the strange metaphor. But let's ask ourselves a question, Libra. What is real? Are you? Maybe nobody is. There are sides in life, and then there is the Libra side. There are profundities and surfaces, and then there is the Libra level. You are seldom sure where you fall yourself, and sometimes you're so entangled in the intricacies of society and social intercourse that you fail to take into account what you, or anyone else for that matter really wants and needs. Still, with your graces and sophisticated intelligence, who really cares?

Like Gemini, Libra is an intellectual air-sign. But while Twin curiosity explores venues of knowledge and discovery for the sake of pure impression, Libra wants refined and lasting ideas as well as action-guiding principles of value. As the Judge and Estimator of the zodiac, Libra strives to assess things as well as people based on impartiality. Everything must be weighed fairly and under the right conditions. The intellectuality of Libra is thus paired with a desire towards objectivity, which may surprise friends of the Libra native - when they find loyalty stands back for impartial justice. Nevertheless, many Librans have trouble deciding between artificiality and substance in their own lives. It is interesting that Libra's scales is the only non-living sign symbol in the zodiac, perhaps to imply something about the detachment and occasional impersonality of the sign. However, being objective is not always easy for Libra. They are easily swayed and indecisive, but moves with considerable charm and social deftness.

Archetypes for Libra:
The Diplomat, the Seducer/Seduced, the Artist, the Logician, the Therapist, the Courtesan

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