Pisces, the Fish

Pisces is the twelfth and last zodiac sign. A sign of compassion, imagination and elusiveness.

Pisces symbol

Oh Pisces, I can almost hear the hushed music of your oceanic daydream, muddled by the vastness of the universe and you being lost within it. It's just beautiful, all of it, right? And everyone is so sweet and kind sometimes. Pisces, you are such a good soul but you have to carve out a road of some kind for yourself and acquire discipline, discipline, discipline. But you don't really care, do you Pisces? You are tired, hurt, turnstyled and junkpiled by the old world, that's for sure. But don't feel sorry for yourself, don't whine, even if you have a reason. Let the light inside flow out. Create, Pisces, create! We know you can, sometimes more beautiful than anybody. And since you know this life is but a fraction of the whole, let it be. Let it roll, enjoy the ride. But stand up for yourself, for god's sake!

All Pisceans are seekers. This may be hard to believe for all those who are surrounded by seemingly solid fish-people. But for Pisces, nothing is ever only what it seems to be. Everything has an additional, mystical dimension - an emotional and intangible component that remains undefinable to rational thought and more or less impossible to communicate to others. Pisces is known as a sensitive sign. Certainly most Pisceans are sensitive as in having much emotional sensibility, yet a more correct term would be receptive. Pisces is in tune with its surroundings, able to pick up on subtle energies and hints that others are untouched by. This can result in true creativity and spirituality, or in a total loss of self. Some of the problems of the sign are inertia and a bohemian laissez-faire attitude. Many Pisceans are so humble, empathetic and retiring that they always put others first and shy away from responsibility. Elusive and slippery, they find honesty and straightforwardness difficult.

Archetypes for Pisces:
The Poet, the Dreamer, the Martyr, the Saint/Sinner, the Deceiver, the Lost

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"As above, so below"

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