Sagittarius, the Archer

Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign. A sign of vision, expansion and recklessness.

Sagittarius symbol

Oh Sagittarius, voyager of the sky and the clouds. With your broad sweep of vision and thought - wherever, and on whatever will you settle? If I'd dare to call you naive, you would of course mishear and believe I was referring to every other person around but you: "Yeah, why are all these people so ignorant and naive? Amateurs!" Some people compare you to a gypsy, and indeed, you do breathe the air of foreign culture and alien thoughts. Your ideals are of the highest order, and your reality is whatever you consider it to be at the moment. You wish nothing more than to be an enlightened person. But your span of attention is typically shorter than a pinkie toe and your liberal attitude hides that know-it-all, slightly fanatic utopian inside of you. Don't misunderstand; I wouldn't want to be robbed of that noble, gregarious heart you harbour, or that luminous faith. But tone it down a bit, will you Sag? You probably have trouble keeping even your tin soldiers under control.

Even Sagittarians with a markedly detached, ironic world-view tend to keep a sense of spirituality and an inborn yearning for all forms of higher learning and metaphysical values. Like its opposite sign, Gemini, Sagittarius needs room for movement, and prefers vast, airy spaces for the body and the spirit. They simply want to spread their energies widely and with grand gestures. Look around the room for someone who seems to radiate light and space - even shy or grouchy Sags have some untainted quality over them, and they exude a certain charitable nobility. On the other hand one can be astounded by their lack of self-consciousness and modesty - subtlety is seldom one of Sagittarius' stronger traits. As one might figure out from the archer symbol of Sagittarius, these people aim for highly set targets, and demand much - often unrealistically so. Accordingly, Sagittarians more than others face disappointment and disillusion when they realize how many of their aspirations have turned to dust.

Archetypes for Sagittarius:
The Preacher, the Pilgrim, the Adventurer, the Don Quixote, the Man of letters, the Fool

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