Scorpio, the Scorpion

Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign. A sign of intense emotionality, loyalty and obsession.

Scorpio symbol

Oh Scorpio, they all say you're so sexed up and seldom in the mood for anything else, sort of like a living aphrodisiac. You and I know that ain't true, don't we though? You're just like the rest of us. It's just this thing about you Scorpio, that whatever enters your mind or your emotional self is so magnified! So intense, so important! There just isn't no cool or disinterested frequency in you, emotional child. You can certainly be relied upon in troubled times. But of course, this you already know. You know all about your own feelings, and also about those of others, and few things escape your eagle eye. I could tell you how you'd be happier, but you already know that too and you know you couldn't do it. You're bound to be caught in life's drama Scorpio, whether you truly partake or mostly choose to be a bystander. But please, lighten up, just a little, little. Things are so much easier then.

Scorpio is the sign of the still, deep waters. While treacherously calm and quiet on the surface, there can be equal portions of intense emotion, empathy and jealousy beneath the surface. With Scorpio, few things are given or predictable, except for that personal intensity. Everything that is touched by or channelled through the sign of Scorpio gets an injection of emotional energy. Scorpios are fated to feel the highs and lows of existence more powerfully than others. This is where the reputation of extremism comes from that so often is associated to the sign. That Scorpio sees it all in black and white, with no middle ground. While this is partly true, the conceptions of good and evil, pleasure and pain are often interchangeable to Scorpios. Scorpio is endowed with acute senses, both physically and psychologically, and naturally aims for the core of problems, much like a lens or magnifying glass.

Archetypes for Scorpio:
The Detective, the Analyst, the Devotee, the Secretive one, the Lord of the Underworld

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