Taurus, the Bull

Taurus is the second zodiac sign. A sign of poise, common sense and conservatism.

Taurus symbol

Oh Taurus, what a lover of life and its luxuries you are. You are the Aesthetician, without any doubt, did you know that? Because everything that you can touch, eat, enjoy - that's aesthetics, isn't it? I certainly wouldn't want to say that your world is small, but perhaps you are sometimes letting to little of it enter through your thick skin, don't you think? Anyways, you are quite loveable and easygoing for the most part, and you do feel a need to create something tangible and worthwhile in your life. You are one hell of a sensualist, and you never give up. Ever. You are quite set in your beliefs and values, but that shows character, doesn't it? You go on peace-making with your down to earth sense of comedy Taurus, and you know what - so what if Hitler was a Taurus?

In order to understand how the Taurean relates to the world, it helps to draw a comparison to the opposite zodiac sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is born with the urge to transform themselves and their environment, (the sign relates to death and rebirth) and differs from Taurus, who seeks rather the fundamental limits of what is given to her consciousness. Taurus brings a stabilizing quality - people with strong influence from the Bull seek integration and expansion of the "materials" at hand. Taurus is a sensualist, really living through their skin, experiencing data from the senses to an unusually intense degree. Sometimes their world-view is perceived as slightly narrow or square, and a quite healthy measure of conservatism may show.

Archetypes for Taurus:
The builder, the lover, the craftsman, the ecologist, the dictator, the wealthy magnate, the gardener

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