Virgo, the Virgin

Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign. A sign of assimilation, societal service and analysis.

Virgo symbol

Oh Virgo, what if you could file up the entire world into a miniature cabinet and put it in your pocket - wouldn't you feel safe? Erase all incidental, unexpected results and events and make your life the perfectly packed suitcase? Of course, of course I'm exaggerating like a maniac. But wouldn't you agree that you sometimes lack that spontaneous, all-embracing perspective of life? Not that we mind though, we surely need your nimble Virgo fingers and your sound, precise mind. Maybe you're the bohemian kind of Virgo. Oh yes, they exist. Then you won't agree. But your unassuming, gentle disposition will probably shine through in any case. But please, please Virgo, tone down the criticality and those annoying petty views! For the good of all. You are sweet and talented, but there is no reason to be so impersonal or even cold.

Virgo ends the first half of the zodiac year, and represents the culmination of the "personal" or "individual" signs that starts with Aries. After the generous but self-centred energy of Leo, Virgo feels the need to refine and decentralize that energy to administrative perfection. That is why Virgos often find themselves as being the middleman in life, with the special task of assimilating their own person and things around them to ensure the best use of everything. Virgo must transform the private or personal substance of the preceding signs and prepare for that more collective or social form it has yet to merge into beginning with Libra. Therefore, many Virgins are drawn to situations that require their talent as counsellors and helpers, self- sacrificing and untiring editors of everything in close proximity. With their eye for detail, and attentively humanitarian disposition, they make fine good Samaritans. It may not be deep empathy that acts as primary motivation for this resourcefulness, but rather the desire for an ideal of outer form and conformity.

Archetypes for Virgo:
The Counselor, the Mouthpiece, the Hermit, the Administrator, the Strategist, the Nutritionist

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