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Welcome to Zodiac Astrology online, a great stop at the web for all of you who want to look into the world of astrology and the zodiac. Astrology is an ancient discipline, one of the few truly old wisdoms to have survived living and breathing into the modern world, in spite of its being constantly ridiculed or ignored as superstition. This website will gather various articles and general info on astrology, often leaning towards an accessible and fun side of the subject, which certainly is no sin. Central are the twelve signs of the zodiac and the different ways this wheel of wisdom can be applied to the world of today.

The signs of the zodiac

"As above, so below"

What secrets are there in the world, that at one time or another haven't been related to the zodiac? The world of religion, literature and art is full of associations to that eternal band of the sky. Parents read to their children about the sign they were born under, adults turn to it for guidance and consolation and the ancients believed that god had written in the sky in the form of symbols, to give a hint of the higher order of things. But what is the zodiac really, and what does it mean to be born under a certain sign? What are the star signs or zodiac signs? See the articles for more information.

Zodiac in blue

Zodiac sign love compatibility

Compare two signs for love and romance


These astrology love matches are based on the distance (sign-wise) between any two signs along the circle of the zodiac. From this, a formula can be created that tells something about how the signs interact according to classic ideas on compatibility. Remember, of course, that the evaluation will be very general in its form.

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